Karys Logan’s Jr. Bow Project Grad Fundraiser – Energy Efficiency – Wednesday, Oct 26th 7:30pm

From Karys’s mom, Darcie (Imose) Logan, Class of 1986:

Aloha Family and Friends!

Karys and the ULS Senior class is having a super easy fundraiser that take only an hour of your time.  It is a zoom presentation that provides tips and tricks on becoming energy efficient within your home.  The requirements for the event are a quick registration prior to the event, and completing a short survey at the end of the presentation.  The organization will pay the senior class $5.00 for EACH person that participates.  Your whole family can join as long as they are older than 3 yrs old.  You can participate from your phone, computer or tablet device. 

Here is how to participate in this event:

1. REGISTER (takes < 1 minute)  Link here:  BIT.LY/ULS-REGISTRATION or the attached flyer


3. SUBMIT THE SURVEY (takes < 1 minute) ***ONLY 1 SURVEY REQUIRED PER DEVICE (example: 10 people on 1 zoom link/device = 1 survey)

4. SUBMIT PICTURE (for groups > 3 people)  If you don’t want to submit a picture, register two people per device.  

That’s it.   It is so EASY to be logged on because you could be:

Eating 🍗 dinner, washing the dishes, folding 🧺 laundry, watching TV, taking a 🚿 shower, watching your kid’s game, or anything else you do in the evening!

Please see attached flyer for registration information and share/send this information to as many friends and family members that you can!  This is an opportunity to save your household valuable dollars, and at the same time earn funds for our project graduation event!Please consider helping Karys and her senior class of 2023 raise money for their 


Again – No need to buy anything or donate any money.

-All you need to do is watch the zoom presentation

Please mark your calendars:

Wednesday, 10/26/2022 at 7:30pm. 

-We get paid $5 per person.

-A QUICK registration and survey are both REQUIRED to get paid

-Example: 1 device (5 people) x $5 =$25

 Please register using the link above or the attached flyer

 Thank you!  We really appreciate your support!


Darcie (and Karys)

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