1988 (26)

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Danny Alvarez . . . email . . . eightoh8.39four.seven65O (10.19)

Charlie Arakaki . . . email . . . 8Oeight.three8one.1nine5one (07.19)

Robin Clark . . . email . . . (08.19)

Diamond Connors

Diamond Connors . . . email . . . Maiden name is Nicole Valles. After getting my degree in Sports Medicine and realizing I didn’t want to be stuck in a clinical setting for the rest of my life, I dove into my love of music and performing and became an International DJ. I traveled to over 45 countries and DJ in nightclubs and festivals for the next 20 years. Some videos of my performances around the world can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/user/djddiamond/videos (03.21)

Aimee Donadio . . . email . . . Business owner, JTI Defense, International Military Aircraft contracts: JTIdefense.com (08.19)

Candice Fujiwara (Cabrera) . . . email . . . 8zero8.4seveneight.85threeseven. I work at the Board of Water Supply. I have been coaching at Radford High School for 20+ years, and I have my own juniors volleyball club KVC Hawaii (11.19)

Jeannie Toʻotoʻo Hicks . . . email . . . eightoh1.7oneO.three43seven. I work for the US Postal Service (08.19)

Deanna (Yeung) Hino . . . email . . . 8oheight.3four8.two5eight6 . . . [my surrogate granddaughter who always plans to give me great presents for my birthday and Christmas . . . but I’m still waiting] (07.19)

Jennifer Horton-White . . . email . . . 4twofive.seven66.2oneone7 . . . Life is good! I’ve been with the Riverview School District for 23 years, still married to my high-school sweetheart, have a son and a doggy. Living in Washington State (04.20)

Keith Ishinaga . . . email . . . (12.20)

Kimberly Kaaiai . . . email . . . (05.20)

Teri Kalama . . . email . . . I’m a Medical Social Worker for Kaiser San Francisco who is loving life in The City by the Bay, happiest when eating, traveling, and spending time with my family (08.19)

Shanta Kaneshiro . . . email . . . (07.19)

John Katahira . . . email . . . 8oh8.6eight7.eightseven23 . . . Kinda sorta been a civil engineer at the same company for more than 20 years. Life has been good to me: terrific wife, two teenage girls, two dogs and a chicken (12.19)

Kim Kawamoto . . . email . . . (05.20)

Kim Kawamoto is the Athletic Director of Taipei American School. She won the prestigious Army Athletic Association Award in 1992 and was a two-time American Women’s Sports Federation All-America selection. Kawamoto served at Army West Point as an associate athletic director before joining TAS.

Why I Chose Taiwan.

I’m from Hawaii and I am a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Signals Officer. I served 21 and a half years in the military and this is my first job outside of my retirement. Prior to coming here, I served as an associate athletic director at West Point, where I had played four years of basketball. I was a point guard. In 2016, I don’t know how, but I was inducted into the West Point Sports Hall of Fame.

After retiring from the military, I was exploring different options. I put my name in with a head-hunter and she told me about an athletic director position at Taipei American School. I was intrigued at the prospect of helping to build TAS’s middle school athletic program into a more competitive program. Plus, everybody that I talked to just said what a great place Taiwan was.

Me coming from Hawaii, I am used to island-living, so it seemed like a good fit. My biggest thing is safety. You hear about the shenanigans going on right now in China, but everybody said Taiwan is different, Taiwan is safe, and coming here that’s been so true.

I was actually born in Vietnam. I’m half Vietnamese and half all different things. Growing up, my parents said, “You’ve got to study hard! You’ve got to go to a good school!” They didn’t really support me in athletics. That was not something that was going to put food on the table. It was always, “Study, study, study!” So I am happy to be here as a mentor and a role model, since a lot of these kids grow up in that same environment where athletics aren’t as valued as academics.

But for me, it’s been the key to opening so many doors professionally and personally. And I get to exemplify that here. I think a lot of people like to hire people that have played sports because it shows that you can be part of a team. Being an athlete is like its own classroom. It’s a really great way of teaching kids how to be resilient, because you lose more than you win a lot of the time. You deal with failure. Grit, resilience: these are all key aspects of sports. You can fail, and if you do fail, it’s how you come back from it. That’s what life is like too (05.20)

Gwynne Osaki

Cy Otsuka . . . email . . . 8Oeight.three88.oh3nineseven (07.19)

Warren Price . . . email . . . I graduated from UH Lab School is 1988 and from there, attended the University of Kansas from 1988 to 1993. (Go Jayhawks!). I also met my future wife while at KU and we married on New Years Eve 1994 in Kansas City. Soon after our wedding, we moved to Las Vegas where I sold real estate for 14 years. In 2004 we had our first kid – Dillon – and our second, Katie, came along in 2005. In 2008, we decided to move back to Kansas City which is where my wife is originally from. I continue to sell real estate in Kansas City and love watching our Super Bowl champs the Kansas City Chiefs! (06.20)

Walt Quitan . . . email . . . Lab School Athletic Director (08.19)

Stuart Richard . . . email . . . 8zero8.3four9.3eight2nine (07.20)

Steve Rodgers For the time being, email me, Lanning Lee (06.20)

Matt Tsuchiya . . . email . . . 5four1.five1three.O8two5. I’ve been working at UPS for 12 years now and currently work in the logistic department in Portland, Oregon (08.19)

Ryan Ujimori . . . email . . . HPD Detective at Kalihi. Started HPD in February 1996. Can’t wait to retire so I can dive and fish anytime!! (08.19)

Dann Walker . . . email . . . eightzeroeight.9three7.two4Oseven (08/19)

James Williams . . . email . . . (04.20)

Susan (Hamilton) Wood . . . email . . . English teacher at Leeward Community College for the last 20 years (11.19)

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