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Joseph Y “Kila” Chong . . . email . . . (04.20)

* currently long retired
* attended UH Teachers College/High School (Class of ’58); UH, Tulane; LSU; Oklahoma
* maintained electronics aboard aircraft carrier and a submarine ’61-’65
* helped build Apollo first stage rocket for moon flights (Boeing/NASA)
* installed and monitored oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico (Exxon Offshore)
* promulgated and generated inspection practices and checklists as Chief Drilling Inspector, DOI
* directed audits; analyzed contracts; senior admin at various companies, including QSR, Network Solutions (the dotcom company) and World Airways
* retired as Senior Office Administrator for the Unitarian Church of Norfolk and as Board
* President for a condominium association in Norfolk
* traveled to Brazil; Panama; Mexico; England and Ireland; Switzerland; Greece; Turkey; Italy; and Canada
* live and love it in the Northwest – Tacoma, WA
* married my longtime companion in 2014, when it became legal to do so – we have been together for more than 52 years

We’ve survived many crazy times and incredible scares – scarlet fever, mumps, chicken pox, polio, tuberculosis, measles, flu and more – and we will get through this, too. Take care, stay safe, and heed those who know what they’re talking about, not bright-plummaged peacocks.

Malama pono
Joseph Y “Kila” Chong

Caitilin Embree . . . email . . . (03.20)

Raleigh Ferdun . . . gmail . . . or . . . yahoo . . . (08.19)

Charlotte Larson . . . email . . . (Text) 2five3.95one.5377. . . 2848 SW 300th Place, Federal Way WA 98023. Graduated Whitman College, Walla Walla WA, taught Chinook Middle School, Bellevue WA, worked for Pan American Airlines and United. Married Charles Larson MD. Reunited with Joseph “Kila” Chong now living in Tacoma WA. See Kila and his partner socially. Receive email regularly from Caitilin Herrick Embree and Kila. Kila, Cait and I started UHLab from preschool! (07.20)

Howard Wiig

Howard Wiig . . . email . . .

Howard C. Wiig has served as an Energy Analyst for the Hawai‘i State Energy Office for over 30 years. After bringing the nation’s early energy codes to Hawai‘i in the 1980s he incorporated the first ASHRAE codes into Hawaii law in the 1990s and modified the residential section to suit Hawai‘i’s mild climate. After testifying at the 2006 IECC hearings, he was appointed to the 2009 IECC Central Committee, and testified at the 2012, 2015 and 2018 committee hearings. At the 2015 hearings, he was among the leading proponents of requiring cool roofs for flat rooms and the creation of the new Tropical Climate Zone. He has performed similar work for iterations of NAHB’s National Green Building Standard. He has conducted code trainings in Hawai‘i, Guam, Saipan and the US Virgin Islands, has spoken at several Energy Code conferences and is the author of numerous energy-related articles. He spearheaded the inclusion of cool walls in Hawai‘i’s amendments to the 2015 IECC. He is president of the Hawai‘i Chapters of the IES, Engineers and Architects of Hawaii and Dark Skies International, and was awarded “Top 50 Innovations of the Year” status by the Kennedy School of Business for his work on converting marine debris to electrical energy. Mr. Wiig serves as Chair of the Hawaii Building Code Council. (07.20)

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