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Mike Foutz’s response to the writing prompt “friends” 06.07.20: https://juniorbowshi.com/2020/06/11/mike-foutz-91-response-to-writing-prompt-friends/

Pen Wars: An Unfinished Novel, by the Class of 1991

Lisa Adams (aka Maggie McHale) . . . email . . . CEO and Designer

LA Closet Design
3622 Potosi Avenue
Los Angeles CA 91604
T 3oneoh.2eight9.one31one
F threeoneO.28nine.13eighteight
Social media handle is @LAClosetDesign (10.19)

Keoni (Ryan) Ah San . . . email . . . After graduating college at the University of Oregon, I attended the Physician Assistant Program, which is part of the Emory University Medical School, in Atlanta, GA. I graduated in early 2000, and have since been living in Southern California. I currently work for a large multi-specialty medical group in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. I am married, and have two girls, ages 14 and 10. (09.20)

Junko Bryant . . . email . . . Living in San Carlos CA (10.19)

Mari Matsuzaki Carlson . . . email . . . (08.19)

Roz Ripley Fautanu . . . email . . . 8zero8.sixnine9.83fourthree (07.19)

Nathan Fishman . . . gmail . . . or . . . yahoo . . . 8015 Denevin St., Las Vegas NV 89131 . . . sevenoh2-2sevenone-3nine26 (08.19)

RtoL: Adam, Katy, Arwyn, Brock, Camilla, Elena, Arya, Mike, and Bryna

Mike Foutz . . . email . . . (07.22)

A year after high school graduation, I spent two years as a full-time missionary in Vancouver, Canada sharing Christ’s gospel to the Vietnamese refugees living there. I have since served as a temple worker in Boise and Provo, and served in multiple church teaching and leadership positions. I am currently emergency preparedness coordinator for our congregation.  I published research as an undergraduate on the ocular parasites of Yellowstone Cutthroat and Lake trout and in Medical school on treatments for Bullous Pemphigoid tested using a mouse model with human skin grafts. I graduated in Molecular Biology with a minor in Chemistry with Honors in 1997 from B.Y.U. in Provo, UT. I then attended University of Utah School of Medicine graduating in 2001 and attended the Boise Family Medicine Residency of Idaho, completing my training in 2004 after which I opened a solo private practice in Kuna, Idaho: Advanced Family Medicine. I have since brought on two partners, one of whom left in 2016, and we now have 2 P.A.s as well.

I have travelled annually to Hai Phong, Vietnam to assist in cleft lip and palate surgeries for children there since 2011 with ICSF (see icsfoundation.org) for two weeks each trip, as an interpreter, surgical assistant and post-op provider. I am currently also Medical Director at Southwest Idaho Treatment Center and assistant Medical Director at Lighthouse Hospice.

I married Katy Gardner in our church’s Bountiful Utah temple and we have 2 boys and 5 girls ranging in age from 7-19 y.o. Katy recently started working as an R.N. on St. Luke’s Boise hospital’s Neurosurgical floor. Our oldest daughter is studying Kinesiology at Boise State with plans to be a physical therapist. Our 2nd oldest daughter just graduated from Kuna High School and will attend B.Y.U. Provo in the fall w/plans to be a nurse.

I helped restart the UofU men’s club volleyball team in 1998 and played that season and again in 2000. I coached girls volleyball at Kuna H.S. in 2004, 2006, & for club in 2013. I have coached my kids in Soccer and basketball as well. I completed 2 Olympic and 3 Sprint Triathlons, a marathon, and two team Sprint Triathlons, as well as 2 Century bike races, and Lotoja in 2006, along with the Utah Triple Crank of Cycling in 2016 (4 man 425 mi. Relay, solo 125 mi. Iron Lung and Lotoja races in the same season). My wife and I and 2 friends did the Salt to Saints relay cycling ride in 2019.

I played in one of the BYU Jazz Bands for a year and have sung in many choirs: BYU Men’s chorus, Utah Baroque Ensemble, and most recently the Come Together Kuna Choir.

I learned to play the acoustic guitar in college and have an album with 10 of my songs called “Not Just Fairy Tales” (cdbaby.com, Amazon premium and Spotify carry it), and I am working on a second solo album with both piano and acoustic guitar sacred music. I am working on learning Mandarin Chinese now and writing my biography (06.20)

Robyn Furuta . . . email . . . (01.23)

Annie Ruby Garrett . . . email . . . eightO8.three87.six77five (07.19)

Jeff Hamilton (aka Larry Bird) . . . email . . . Married, with two daughters, Jeff is a Commercial Officer at U.S. Embassy, Kuwait. Jeff will be a Commercial Officer at the U.S. Consulate in Sao Paolo, Brazil, beginning in July 2020.

For the past four years Jeff served as the Senior Commercial Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait City, Kuwait. In this capacity he counseled and supported U.S. companies looking to do business in Kuwait. He led a team of six staff as they helped hundreds of U.S. companies learn about the Kuwaiti market, establish partnerships with Kuwaiti companies, and make sales to the Kuwaiti government.

Jeff’s previous assignments include Bogota (2013-2015) and Mexico City, (2010-2013), where he assisted U.S. companies looking to do business in Colombia and Mexico, and in Salt Lake City (2007-2010) where he helped Utah companies expand their operations overseas.

Jeff began his career with the Department of Commerce in Washington, DC where he worked from 2003 to 2004 at the Trade Information Center, assisting clients on a wide variety of exporting issues, from finding a buyer overseas to foreign countries’ customs regulations, and everything in between. From 2004-2007 Jeff worked as an International Trade Specialist in the Commercial Service’s East Asia/Pacific office in Washington, D.C. He served as a country manager for Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Australia/New Zealand, providing administrative and budgetary guidance and support to the U.S. Commercial Service operations in those countries.

Jeff attended graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin where he received a Master’s degree in Public Affairs from the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs and a Master’s of Arts in Latin American Studies from the Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies. Prior to graduate school, Jeff worked as a teacher in Ecuador and Mexico, for a telecommunications firm in Portland, Oregon and a healthcare company in Honolulu, Hawai‘i (04.20)

Keith Hirata . . . email . . . Working for UH as an IT Specialist with Information Technology Services (ITS), located in the new IT Center. One child, age 7 (09.19)

Carol Hoʻomanawanui . . . email . . . (09.19)

Carolyn (Thomas) Horner . . . email . . . . Spent junior year abroad in Germany, and parents moved to Washington, D.C. so I wasn’t able to return to HI. City planner/environmentalist, married and currently live in the Dallas, TX area (03.20)

Kristine Jeremiah . . . email . . . (11.19)

Mike Jocson . . . email . . . Broadcast Engineer for Spectrum OC-16 and Spectrum Sports (08.19)

Danielle Kaʻaleilei . . . email . . . 8oheight.2onesix.6two7two (08.19)

George Kawelo & Rina (Yadao) Kawelo . . . email . . . George: 8zero8.six99.eighteight37 & Rina: eightoh8.69nine.8zeroseven8 (07/19)

Dae Woo Kim . . . email . . . (01.21)

Emma Leaeno-Masani . . . email . . . 8O8.three7two.4five5six. Outreach worker for Parents and Children Together, a comprehensive counseling and support services program. Married to same guy I dated back in high school, Cooper. 3 kids – Marcus 27, Markayisha 22 ( Jr. Bow : ) and Marlayina 13. Member of the Impact Mailing Club, so anybody interested in making money mailing letters, let me know…lol… (08.19)

Kalia McGee . . . email . . . (06.20)

Christine Miyamura . . . email . . . (05.20)

Brad Kanaia Nakamura . . . email . . . (10.19)

Ted Rachlin . . . email . . . Founder of the University Laboratory School Foundation. (07.19)

Grant Rivera . . . email . . . (07.19)

Robert Silva . . . email . . . (08.19)

Nancy Anetipa Tatupu . . . email . . . (01.20)

Dave Wong . . . email . . . (03.20)

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