Are you interested in purchasing a Lab School ‘Ohana T-shirt?

Friends, aloha, I hope all is going well. I’m thinking we should do a run of our two classic alumni shirts.

The first one up is the ‘Ohana shirt that Bobby Higa, Class of 1989, designed for the fundraiser after the fire that burned down the old intermediate school. The original colors were white print on a green shirt. This time we’d like to do green print on white shirts.

Jared Fuchigami, Class of 1995, the graduate who designed the Gotta Be Lab School . . . shirt, is going to do the printing. These would be men’s T-shirts. The cost would be

$6 per shirt for sizes S, M, L, and XL

$8 per shirt for sizes XXL on up

Postage would be $5.80 per shirt (if postage goes up, like it seems to do often, I’ll let you know the price increase)

Envelope would be $2.00 — We’ll only do 2 shirts per envelope, so the cost for multiple envelopes, consequently, would rise if you order more than 2.

The basic cost, then, would be $13.80 for sizes S, M, L, and XL and $15.80 for XXL on up.

Of course we want to be able to donate something to the ULS Foundation for each shirt sold, so we’re looking at charging $22 (S, M, L, XL) and $24 per shirt (XLL on up).

Oh, and apologies. We won’t be shipping outside the US because the postage cost would be prohibitive.

I’m posting this to see if grads are interested in buying shirts. I’ve attached a picture of the print, but it’ll be a white shirt with green print — mine are the green on gray in the picture.

Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing a shirt, what size(s), and how many by emailing me at:

If there is enough interest, I’ll let you all know we’ll be printing the shirts.

Lab School 'Ohana T-shirt


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