Jr. Bows Receiving the Dr. Loretta Krause Ke Aloha Perpetual Award

  • 2005 Jason Shon
  • 2006 Angela Crandall
  • 2007 Be Thi Ho
  • 2008 Erika Nakayama
  • 2009 Chelsey Yoneda
  • 2010 Ruth Tusi
  • 2011 Sabina Van Tilburg
  • 2012 Alyssa Garcia
  • 2013 Macy Yue
  • 2014 Michelle Au
  • 2015 Baylee Jackson
  • 2016 Zachary Trevorrow
  • 2017 Reed Asselbaye
  • 2018 Tioleaoauli Posiulai
  • 2019 Kailee Jackson
  • 2020 Makena Ginoza
  • 2021 Tia Akasaki

Dr. Loretta Krause Ke Aloha Perpetual Award
The University Laboratory School recognizes a high school student who exemplifies what a “model” Lab School student is. One who perseveres and is a willing participant in all areas of the Laboratory School program; shows that he or she embraces the values and the spirit of the Laboratory School and the education he or she is receiving; has integrity, self-discipline, patience; shows and gives respect; displays sportsmanship; problem-solves responsibly; shows tolerance; is accepting of change and diversity; is honest, fair, responsible, dependable, trustworthy, cooperative and diligent; is accountable for his or her actions and responsibilities; is a good citizen and role model for peers; cares about people, and is able to recognize opportunities through challenges.

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