Lee E. Dye Takagi ‘67 Mini-Bio Entry

Married to David Takagi, class of ‘64 Iolani. Two girls, Joanna Takagi Habermann, living in Dallas TX with husband Josh and two children, Kira and Kai. Josh directs the Dallas Symphony Chorus and in the summer and winter seasons, the Santa Fe Desert Chorale (both at a standstill now), and Megan Takagi who moved to Seattle two days before the first COVID case was announced in Kirkland. She works remotely for David’s Financial Services company, Takagi and Takagi.

These are descendants of Augusto and Rosalina Dias (Lee holding ‘uke fourth from right). Augusto Dias is one of three Portuguese men credited with introducing the Portuguese stringed instruments to Hawaii (braguinha, machete and rajao) which Hawaiians renamed ukulele. We gathered in Jan. 2019 to dedicate a plaque to him in Makiki Cemetery.
Four generations of Dye women: Esther Dye, Lee Dye Takagi, Joanna Takagi Habermann and Kira Habermann.

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