Nelson Hiu ‘72 Mini-Bio Entry

Posted with Nelson’s permission.

Basically I’m living on a small car-less island about a 1/2 hour away from central Hong Kong by ferry ….. now retired …. living frugally …. enjoying my free time …. currently flying solo after 3 marriages …….. practice taichi pakua xing yi …. sitting and occasionally chant mantras …… practice music and sometimes still write compose etc when the inspiration comes …… spent most of the last 30 years mainly making ends meet by being a dance class accompanist for the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts and CCDC a professional contemporary dance company …… also played quite a few gigs and collaborations here and abroad (several different countries) …… basically that’s it ….. greetings and aloha nui loa to all!!!!!

Nelson Hiu '72 performing music

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