Nico Hodel ‘10 Mini-Bio Entry

Posted with Nico’s permission:

Co-Founder at Start It Up NYC | Web Developer | Content Marketing Professional | Startup Events Producer | Speaker:

High School is a place where you start to define what’s important to you, learn what you value, and begin to carve out an identity for yourself based on how you treat others. 

Beyond just textbooks and academic knowledge, it taught me that learning how to build relationships with mentors and foster genuine friendships is a skill that overarches all others, and one you can bring into any environment to thrive and grow. 

I’m very grateful for my experience at ULS, and always looking for ways to give back.

Nico Hodel is Co-Founder and CTO of Start It Up NYC, a programmatic marketing and web development agency based in New York City that provides content marketing, app development, digital advertising, data analytics, innovation consulting and video production services for startups, B2B companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs. A full-stack web developer and programmatic marketing specialist, Nico ran development efforts at his former company Valence Digital for over 4 years, overseeing a 12 person marketing and development team, working on projects in the Angular, React, and React Native frameworks. After working on web development projects in the tech, finance, and legal fields with clients around the world, Nico took on an advisory role at the company to build Start It Up NYC with business partner Adi Patil, where he now works full time as CTO. When he’s not on his computer or speaking at a tech or startup event, you’ll find Nico surfing in his native Honolulu, or playing tennis in Brooklyn (04.20)

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