ULSF Spring Support Appeal Letter

March 17, 2023

Aloha ULS Ohana,

The University Laboratory School (ULS) kicked off 2023 with an eventful start. On behalf of the University Laboratory School Foundation (ULSF) and its Board, I wanted to highlight some recent events as we look towards a prosperous and sustainable future.

After most recently being held in 2019, the ULSF resurrected the annual Alumni Dinner, traditionally held in the summer, to align with the school’s homecoming basketball games on January 14th. The event brought all alumni from the 60s, to our newest c/o ‘22. It also began the perpetual honoring of an alumnus by recognizing, posthumously, one of our most revered alumni, Leighton Wong, c/o ‘73. Leighton truly personified what it is to be a Junior Bow. His infectious personality coupled with a genuine passion for life, positively impacted everyone who had the privilege of knowing him as coach, a teammate, colleague, friend, and so much more.

The Leighton Wong ULS Athletic Support Fund was established in 2022 by fellow ULS alumnus, Ted Rachlin, ‘91. The ULSF relishes the opportunity to foster Leighton’s legacy by monitoring investments & distributing grants to benefit the ULS boys’ and girls’ intermediate basketball programs. This year, the kids received new practice jerseys and equipment!

The ULS Administration & Governing Board recently completed a survey visit by our accrediting organization, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in order to renew our 6- year accreditation. Our kids continue to reaffirm the school’s stature as an academic powerhouse in the educational community, as evidenced by the following:

– #2 Best Public Elementary School in Hawaii (out of 201)
– #2 Best Public Middle School in Hawaii (out of 73)
– #2 Best Charter Elementary School in Hawaii (out of 25)
– #5 Best Public High School in Hawaii (out of 58)

These accomplishments and accolades are found as 2023 data via  Niche.com .

The ULSF’s mission is two-fold: (1) supplement the school financially for improvements, activities, and events through grants, investments and appeal, and (2) help to position the ULS to sustain and prosper into the future. With the recent news regarding the University of Hawaii’s plans for possible redevelopment of the land on which ULS currently resides, the Foundation also teamed with school administration, the ULS Governing Board, proud alumni, a few parents, and supporters to actively engage in discussions to advocate for ULS on the community platform. At this time, UH has assured that there are no immediate plans to redevelop this land, and that ULS will continue to remain in its current location. While we are grateful that the school will not have to consider an immediate relocation, the recent developments served as a reminder to all ULS supporters of the need to dig deep, think out of the box, and be proactive as the school mobilizes & plans for the future.

As a small charter school, our ULS receives modest state funding for operational costs and relies heavily on the kindness of generous donors to continually provide an optimal learning environment for our kids. As the ULSF shepherds the ULS General Endowment Fund and assists the school with its present needs, events, and activities, a watchful eye remains to help shepherd plans for ULS into the future. As a proud ULS alumnus and current parent, while I am absolutely thankful for the generosity and contributions from our ULS Ohana, the general endowment fund at its current state is equally modest as well.

The ULS General Endowment Fund is our biggest hope and avenue to give our school the financial flexibility, strength, and ability to adjust and evolve as necessary to sustain its existence given any situation. Now more than ever, tremendous investment into our kids’ and the school’s future with time & financial resources to grow our endowment will help the school to work toward ensuring the sustainability of our school for future generations to come.

We humbly ask you for your help by contributing to the ULS General Endowment Fund. Your generosity symbolizes the care and commitment to supporting and sustaining our beloved University Laboratory School.


Here are ways to give to the University Laboratory School Foundation:

  • OnlineIf you would like to give via credit card, please go to  ulsfoundation.org/ways-to give.
  • Mail: Please make your check donation payable to: University Lab School Foundation and mail to P.O. Box 11208,Honolulu, HI 96828
  • Drop-Off: Please drop off your cash or check donation to the ULS School Office at: 1776 University Ave. Room #3-121, Honolulu, HI 96822Thank you for being part of the ULS Ohana. Everything that we do is only possible with the help & support of everyone in our community. Go Jr. Bows!!!Me ka mahaloa me ke aloha nui,Romeo Gampong, ‘90 ULSF President

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