Please join us at the 20th Annual Alumni Dinner

You are invited to attend

The 20th Annual University Lab School Foundation Alumni Dinner

6:00 TO 9:00 pm
1776 University Ave Multi Purpose Building Honolulu Hawaii

For a cost of $20 per person, dinner and drinks will be provided. Any proceeds will benefit the ULSF Jr Bows General Endowment Fund, which directly helps the students of ULS now and in the future.

RSVP BY JANUARY 7, 2023 gY8A94pGsZDTAEL-fovbEhsQ/viewform?usp=sharing QUESTIONS? CALL 808-956-7844 or

Alumnus of the Year Award presented to LEIGHTON WONG c/o 1973

50/50 CASH RAFFLE: Your chance to go home with some $$$


1. On street parking available on Metcalf and Dole Streets and University Avenue.

2. Paid Parking in Zone 1 or UH Parking Lots. Remember to pay for parking at the Green Box.

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