Jr. Bow Speech Team Headed to National Finals – Donations needed

A message from Speech & Debate Team Coach Bill Teter followed by a message from me : )

Four Jr. Bow speech competitors headed for Nationals

Congratulations to these members of the Lab School Speech Team (clockwise from the top: Makoa Montero, Miyu Owada, Kiana Yoshinaga, and Alyssa Greaver). They qualified to compete in the National Speech and Debate Association National Championship Tournament June 12-17 in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s the first in-person national tournament since 2019, and for these students, their first competition in person in over two years. They will be joined by a fifth student, Kyler Nishimoto, who has been selected to participate in the national Supplemental Events Tournament.

The Laboratory School and the Boosters Club have always been generously committed to covering students’ travel and housing expenses at the national tournament, but this year is particularly expensive. Airfare alone is a little over $1500. It looks like we’re going to have to ask the families of our students for a substantial contribution to the overall cost. And so I am putting out this request: we would be grateful for any financial assistance anyone might be willing to offer. If you would like to help out and are able to, contributions can be made directly to the University Laboratory School. If you would like to be able to claim a tax deduction, the contribution should be made to the ULS Foundation. In either case, it would be good to add a note indicating that you are contributing to the Speech Team trip to the National Tournament.

Mahalo, Bill Teter, Speech Team Coach

* * * * *

Aloha to all of you in the extended Jr. Bow ‘Ohana. If you would like to contribute to sending the team to the National Tournament, there are two ways to do it.

I was going to contribute using the Lab School Foundation website form, but then I realized that I’d be unable to designate the donation for the National Speech Tournament.  If you do decide to go that route, I think the way to do it would be to send a follow-up email to the Foundation letting them know that the contribution you just made is for the Speech Team’s trip.  That will probably work.  Here’s the link:  https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/weblink.aspx?name=E196176&id=7.  Then send your follow-up message to: info@ulsfoundation.org.

But to make sure that the purpose of my donation is clear, I’m going to mail a check.  If you go this route, please make your check payable to:  University Lab School Foundation and mail it to:

University Lab School Foundation, P.O. Box 11208, Honolulu HI  96828

Make sure to indicate that it is for the Speech Team trip.

You can also drop your check off at the Lab School office, 1776 University Avenue, Room #3-121.

Oh, one thing more. I forgot to do this on my check. Make sure to note what class you graduated in. They keep track of donations by each class. If you didn’t graduate from ULS, just indicate what class you’d like to be credited for the donation.

Also, remember that all donations to the ULS Foundation are tax deductible.

Mahalo for any amount you might be able to give to help the team get to Kentucky. Lanning

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