From Bill Teter: Final Call for Fall Speech & Debate Judging

Aloha all,

The Speech Team is closing in on the end of our fall competition schedule. I want to thank those of you who were able to help with our team’s judging needs this fall. I really appreciate it. I’m still looking for a few more judges to cover our obligation for our remaining tournaments.

If you do not have a account, please let me know and I will help you set one up. This is necessary for you to be able to judge.


National Speech & Debate Association Fall Capstone Tournament

Judges Still Needed:

1 live events judge

1 asynchronous events judge

This is a nationwide competition with a mix of recorded and live online performances. It’s going to require some early rising here in Hawaii, not so much for any of you judging from the mainland. Here is the schedule for the tournament:

Live EventsHawaii TimeWest CoastMountainCentralEastern
Round 15:00am7:00am8:00am9:00am10:00am
Round 27:00am9:00am10:00am11:00am12:00pm
Round 39:30am11:30am12:30pm1:30pm2:30pm
Round 411:30am1:30pm2:30pm3:30pm4:30pm
AsynchronousEventsAsynchronous judges will be able to complete their assignments during this time period.
4:00am – 11:00am6:00am – 1:00pm7:00am – 2:00pm8:00am – 3:00pm9:00am –4:00pm

•   There is no official log-in time, but I suggest you log in to your Tabroom account about 15-20 minutes before the starting time. Throughout the tournament you should receive email messages telling you what your assignment is.

•   All judges must complete the Cultural Competency judge training course. Judges are encouraged to review the judge training recording that describes how to give constructive feedback.


Hawai’i Speech League Double-Entry Speech Tournament

2 Judges Still Needed

This is our last HSL tournament before States-qualifying season begins in January. The Speech Team took the first place trophy for the highest percentage of Superior ballots in the October 30 tournament, and we’re hoping for a first-ever back-to-back trophy win.

Hawaii TimeWest CoastMountainCentralEastern
Judges Check-In7:30am9:30am10:30am11:30am12:30pm
Round 18:00am10:00am11:00am12:00pm1:00pm
Round 210:00am12:00pm1:00pm`2:00pm3:00pm
Round 312:00pm2:00pm3:00pm4:00pm5:00pm

All events are live online except for Duo Interpretation, which will be recorded videos. However, the videos will be available to the judges during the time of each scheduled round.

If you are able to judge on one of these days, please contact me at:

I thank you in advance for your help. I hope you know how grateful I am for anything you can do. Our team literally cannot compete without your support.


Bill Teter

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