Jr. Bows Receiving the Dr. Arthur R. King, Jr. Scholarship

  • 2012 Christian Mathias & Tiffany-Heather Ulep
  • 2013 Richard Huang
  • 2014 Alyssa Redoble
  • 2015 Shannon Raisa Bautista & Mason Higa
  • 2016 Ken Sewell & Reta Youkhana
  • 2017 Elisa Han, Angelina Lee, & Julie Sakai
  • 2018 Mang Gwen Chan & Dakota Takeno
  • 2019 Neah Tassill
  • 2020 Abigail Bierwart
  • 2021 Shantelle Sales

Dr. Arthur R. King, Jr. Scholarship for University Laboratory School Seniors
The family of the late Dr. Arthur R. King, Jr., former Director of the University of Hawai‘i College of Education’s Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG) and University Laboratory School (ULS) is honored to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy in education by recognizing a ULS senior who will be pursuing a college degree at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa.Dr. King, an outstanding educational leader and practitioner was a strong believer and supporter that all children can learn and all children shall be afforded the best education possible by providing them opportunities that address a full and enriching well-rounded comprehensive educational program.

The University Laboratory School is the educational haven where Dr. King’s philosophical approach to education became alive and productive. The University Laboratory School and its students have been the benefactors of this forward thinking educator. Dr. King’s philosophy still remains at the core of the ULS program where all students participate in a comprehensive education program taught in common classes without ability tracking or less-demanding courses. Dr. King and The University Laboratory School’s belief is that the best will be available to all.

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