Jr. Bows Receiving the ULSAA Lanning Lee Service Award

Disclaimer: I want you all to know that I did not create an award for students and then name it after myself. What happened is this. After I stepped down from the University Laboratory School Alumni Association (ULSAA) Board in 2010, the Board surprised me by creating this award and naming it after me. It was most humbling, I assure you. These then are the recipients so far:

  • 2011 Nicole Araki
  • 2012 Crystal Wang
  • 2013 Makkie Conching
  • 2014 Brooke Kodama
  • 2015 Frank Hobus
  • 2016 Breann Campos
  • 2017 Oscar Nguyen
  • 2018 Dakota “Duke” Takeno
  • 2019 Alexandra Jaeger
  • 2020 Tia Akasaki, the first 11th-grade recipient
  • 2021 Miyu Owada, 11th-grade

The Lanning Lee Service Award is presented to a student in grades 9-12 who has, in the current school year, demonstrated dedication and initiative in service to our ULS community. Sponsored by the ULS Foundation.

The University Laboratory School Alumni Association (ULSAA) recognizes a high school student who has, in the current school year: demonstrated a willingness to serve and help others in both the Lab School and the community at large; honors the Spirit of the Jr. Bow ‘Ohana – a collective spirit that optimistically looks forward to a lifetime of good citizenship, selfless service to others, and honor for the tradition that is University High School; is the face and the living embodiment of all the values that are most revered both by Lab School graduates who have come before, and by those who will join the ranks of ULSAA as they graduate in the years to come; and is a shining example of what it truly means to be a member of University High School ‘Ohana.

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