Bill Teter’s Last Call (maybe) for Speech Tournament Judges

Aloha one and all,

The Lab School Speech Team is finally in the home stretch, nearing the end of what has been a really challenging tournament season. Many of you have helped out this year by volunteering to judge at one or more of the Hawaii Speech League’s online competitons.

All that’s left is the State Forensic Championship Tournament in a few weeks. We have seven students and ten entries (three of our team double-qualified) vying for a chance to compete at Nationals in June. So I’m going to need at least five judges to cover our quota. Can you help? Here’s the schedule:

FRIDAY APR. 99:00pmDeadline to register judges for the tournament.
THURSDAY, APR. 15(FRIDAY, APR. 16)9:00pm12:00am(Fri.)1:00am(Fri.)2:00am(Fri.)3:00am(Fri.)Judges ballots/schedule released for asynchronous (pre-recorded) speech
FRIDAY, APR. 168:00am11:00am12:00pm1:00pm2:00pmReminder to speech judges to press “Start Round” (Free to begin judging any time after this.)
12:00pm3:00pm4:00pm5:00pm6:00pmDeadline to press “Start Round” for asynchronous (pre-recorded) speech
3:00pm6:00pm7:00pm8:00pm9:00pmAny non-started ballots reassigned to replacement judges.
9:00pm12:00am(Sat.)1:00am(Sat.)2:00am(Sat.)3:00am(Sat.)Deadline for reassigned judges to press “Start Round”
SATURDAY, APRIL 1712:00pm3:00pm4:00pm5:00pm6:00pmDeadline to complete preliminary speech judging 
2:45pm5:45pm5:45pm6:45pm7:45pmJudges check into the Judge’s Lounge for final round assignment
3:00pm6:00pm7:00pm8:00pm9:00pmFinal RoundsJudges have 15 minutes to press “Start Round” and 90 minutes to submit their completed ballots.

Those of you who have already judged this year have accounts. Anyone who has not judged this year but would like to help out next month will need to create an account on the Tabroom website. I can help you set that up.

Please get in touch with me at if you think you might be able to help out.


Bill Teter

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