February 2021 Federal Grant Opportunities of Particular Interest to Hawaii via Mazie Hirono

 February 2021 Federal Grant Opportunities

This Grants Newsletter is a resource for governments, schools, non-profit organizations and businesses interested in pursuing opportunities for federal grant and cooperative agreement funding. Grant notices have been compiled for opportunities published in www.grants.gov, the Federal government’s central website for grant funding. To access my grants e-newsletter click on the February 2021 Federal Grant Opportunities title above.

Section 1 of the newsletter contains current discretionary program listings and research opportunities. Section 2 is a compilation of websites and links to general grant information provided by the Federal Agencies that most often have discretionary grant solicitations.

Solicitations of particular interest to Hawaii include the following discretionary programs:

Department of Education- Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE): Native Hawaiian Career and Technical Education Program (NHCTEP) CFDA Number 84.259A provides grants to improve career and technical education (CTE) programs.National programs of interest include:

Department of Homeland Security- FY 2020 Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant CFDA Number  provide financial assistance to help fire departments increase frontline firefighters. SAFER offers grants to support activities in two activities: 1. Hiring of Firefighters  and 2. Recruitment and Retention of Volunteer Firefighters. It is highly unusual that this program is running simultaneously with the Fire and Prevention Safety Grants and would require an immediate turn-around. (March 12 deadline).

Department of Agriculture- The Enhancing Agricultural Opportunities for Military Veterans Program CFDA Number 10.334 provides grants to non-profits to increase the number of military veterans gaining knowledge and skills through comprehensive, hands-on and immersive model farm and ranch programs offered regionally that lead to successful careers in the food and agricultural sector.

Department of Education-Both the Offices of Post-Secondary Education and Elementary Education have multiple programs announced in the last two weeks with a new Administration. These programs will be highly competitive and have very quick deadlines in early March.

Department of Interior- The National Park Service’s (NPS) Underrepresented Community Grant Program (URC) CFDA Number 15.904 is intended to diversify the nominations submitted to the National Register of Historic Places to include communities that are currently underrepresented. URC grants are funded by the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF), and are administered by the NPS. Projects include surveys and inventories of historic properties associated with communities underrepresented in the National Register, as well as the development or amendment of nominations to the National Register.

The Department of Justice has once again posted notices about numerous programs from the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the Office of Violence Against Women that are abstracted this month.  DOJ has set application periods and we are entering a time when these notices will be issued in a rapid succession.

These additional competitions are included as a reminder:

Department of Agriculture- Utilities Programs Community Facilities Technical Assistance and Training Grant program CFDA Number 10.766 will make grants to public bodies and private nonprofit corporations to provide associations Technical Assistance and/or training with respect to essential community facilities programs. The Technical Assistance and/or training will assist communities and Nonprofit Corporations to identify and plan for community facility needs that exist in their area. 

Department of Agriculture- National Institute of Food and Agriculture Smith-Lever Special Needs Competitive Grants Program CFDA Number 10.511 intends to fund Special Needs projects to implement applied scientific programs that serve public needs in preparation for, during and after local or regional emergency situations. (February 25 deadline)

Department of Agriculture- Utilities Programs Rural Community Development Initiative  CFDA Number 10.446 will make grants to public bodies and private nonprofit corporations, (such as States, counties, cities, townships, and incorporated towns and villages, boroughs, authorities, districts, and Indian tribes on Federal and State reservations) to provide associations Technical Assistance and/or training with respect to essential community facilities programs. The Technical Assistance and/or training will assist communities, Indian Tribes, and Nonprofit Corporations to identify and plan for community facility needs that exist in their area. Once those needs have been identified, the Grantee can assist in identifying public and private resources to finance those identified community facility need. (March 22 deadline)

Department of Agriculture- National Institute of Food and Agriculture Alaska Native-Serving and Native Hawaiian-Serving Institutions Education Competitive Grants Program (ANNH) CFDA Number 93.932 promotes and strengthens the ability of Alaska Native-Serving Institutions and Native Hawaiian-Serving Institutions to carry out education, applied research, and related community development programs. NIFA intends this program to address educational needs, as determined by each institution, within a broadly defined arena of food and agricultural sciences-related disciplines. (March 15 deadline)

Department of Agriculture- Business and Cooperative Programs REAP-Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements CFDA Number 10.868 will provide funds to agricultural producers and rural small businesses to install renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvements. The Rural Energy for America Program is designed to help agricultural producers and rural small businesses reduce energy costs and consumption and help meet the nations critical energy needs. 1000 grants will be distributed competitively.

Department of Commerce- Economic Development Administration FY 2020 EDA Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance Programs CFDA Number 11.300 and 11.307 solicits applications from applicants in rural and urban areas to provide investments that support construction, non-construction, technical assistance, and revolving loan fund projects under EDA’s Public Works and EAA programs. Grants and cooperative agreements made under these programs are designed to leverage existing regional assets and support the implementation of economic development strategies that advance new ideas and creative approaches to advance economic prosperity in distressed communities.

Department of Health and Human Services- Administration for Children and Families – ANA Native American Language Preservation and Maintenance CFDA Number 93.587 provides funding for projects to support assessments of the status of the native languages in an established community, as well as the planning, designing, restoration, and implementing of native language curriculum and education projects to support a community’s language preservation goals.

Department of Health and Human Services- Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Program Activities CFDA Number 93.311 and 93.990 is seeking submissions to a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) “to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus, domestically or internationally, for necessary expenses to research, develop, validate, manufacture, purchase, administer, and expand capacity for COVID–19 tests to effectively monitor and suppress COVID–19…” (Paycheck Protection Program and Healthcare Enhancement Act (P.L. 116-139)). OASH/LDWG seeks proposals for projects that will further enable the coordination and development of testing and associated products that meet the current and future needs, and the effective transition of technology into broad use without impediments.

Department of Homeland Security- FEMA – FY 2020 Fire Prevention and Safety Grant CFDA Number 97.044 enhances the safety of the public and firefighters with respect to fire and fire-related hazards. The Grants Programs Directorate administers the Fire Prevention and Safety (FP&S) grants as part of the AFG Program. FP&S offers grants to support activities in two categories: (1) activities designed to reach high-risk target groups and mitigate incidences of death and injuries caused by fire and fire-related hazards (“Fire Prevention and Safety Activity”) and (2) research and development activities aimed at improving firefighter safety (“Firefighter Safety Research and Development Activity”).  This program is very “user-friendly” and has been an important funding source for Hawaii.  (February 26 deadline)

Department of Housing and Urban Development- FY 2020 Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly Program CFDA Number 14.157 provides Capital Advance funding and project rental subsidies for the development and ongoing  operation of supportive rental housing for very low-income persons, aged 62 years or older.  This funding, leveraged with other financing sources, will expand affordable housing opportunities that are physically designed and that have a robust set of services that will allow seniors to live independently and age in community. Hawaii state opportunities include the following:

Department of Agriculture 

Department of Agriculture- Food and Nutrition Service FY 2021 Team Nutrition Training Grant for School Meal Recipe Development, Cohort B CFDA Number 10.574 supports States in understanding, developing, and using standardized recipes within the School Meal Programs. Using grant funds, States will be able to develop nutritious and tasty recipes that incorporate local agricultural products and appeal to students’ taste preferences. States will build their capacity to standardize recipes, show how standardized recipes credit towards school meal pattern requirements, and assist School Food Authorities in engaging students in menu development. Standardized recipes are critical to the success of school meals because they provide consistent results in quality, quantity, and nutrient contribution, while helping to reduce food waste and food costs. FNS intends to share the recipes States develop under this grant via the FNS Team Nutrition website and the Institute of Child Nutrition’s online resource center known as the Child Nutrition Recipe Box (https://theicn.org/cnrb).

Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection Agency- FY 2021 National Environmental Information Exchange Network Grant Program CFDA Number 66.608is soliciting project applications using the Environmental Information Exchange Network (EN) to; facilitate sharing of environmental data, especially through shared and reusable services, reduce burden and avoid costs for co-regulators and the regulated community, streamline data collection and exchanges to improve its timeliness for decision making, and increase the quality and access to environmental data through discovery, publishing, outbound and analytical services so it is more useful to environmental managers. Increase data and IT management capabilities needed to fully participate in the EN.

Department of Health and Human Services

Department of Health and Human Services- Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Money Follows the Person Rebalancing Demonstration Program-Capacity Building CFDA Number 93.791 provides state Medicaid programs the opportunity to help Medicaid beneficiaries who live in institutions to transition into the community and gives people with disabilities and older adults more choice in deciding where to live and receive LTSS.1 MFP was designed with four goals; increase the use of HCBS and reduce the use of institutionally based services, eliminate barriers in state law, state Medicaid plans, and state budgets that restrict the use of Medicaid funds to enable Medicaid-eligible individuals to receive support for appropriate and necessary LTSS in the settings of their choice, strengthen the ability of Medicaid programs to provide HCBS to people who choose to transition out of institutions, and put procedures in place to provide quality assurance and improve HCBS.

Department of Interior

Department of Interior- National Park Service FY21 Land and Water Conservation Fund/Great American Outdoors Act-Nationally Competitive Funds CFDA Number 15.916 is to provide grants to acquire and/or develop public lands for outdoor recreation purposes consistent with the purposes of the LWCF. The following purposes are prioritized for competitive funding: Acquisition of land or water, or interests therein, that, in addition to providing public outdoor recreation, also: Are identified as a priority recovery action in an approved recovery plan for an Endangered Species Act (ESA)-listed species; Reduce or eliminate a threat related to the present or threatened destruction, modification, or curtailment of habitat for an ESA-listed species or a species proposed for listing under the ESA; Reduce or eliminate a threat identified in a 12-month petition finding or candidate review form as contributing to designation of a species as a candidate for listing under the ESA; or Are identified as a conservation strategy for one or more Species of Greatest Conservation Need in an established State Wildlife Action Plan. Creation of wetlands to provide habitat for fish, waterfowl and other wildlife, improve water quality, and reduce the impact of floods and storms to communities while also providing recreation opportunities such as fishing, hunting, photography, and wildlife observation. Increased safety in urban parks, to include facility-related security installations within or adjacent to public parks and recreation areas. Enhanced physical connectivity between Federal and State-managed lands for recreational opportunities to include hunting, hiking, fishing, boating, camping, and wildlife observation. Development of recreation sites such as sports shooting facilities. Improved big-game winter range and migration corridor habitat on state lands in concert with planning efforts conducted through Secretary’s Order 3362. Stabilize shorelines with infrastructure techniques using plants, stone, sand fill, and other structural and organic materials to stabilize shorelines providing benefits including nutrient pollution remediation, fish and migratory bird habitat, and buffering of shorelines from waves and storms.

Department of Interior- OIA Brown Treesnake Program 2021 funding announcement CFDA Number 15.875 is for interdiction programs to prevent the spread of BTS to other islands, outreach programs to educate the public on BTS, as well as other projects for interdiction and early detection and rapid response.

Department of Labor

Department of Labor- Employment and Training Administration FY 21 Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Training and Other Activities (TaOA) Grant Management Guidance CFDA Number 17.245 to assist State Workforce Agencies (SWAs) or agencies designated by Governors as “Cooperating State Agencies” (CSAs) (also jointly referred to as “States,” “Recipients,” “Grantees,” “Applicant,” or “You”) gain access to FY 2021 TAA Program TaOA funds by completing and submitting Standard Form (SF) 424, Application for Federal Assistance, through www.grants.gov.

Department of Labor- Employment and Training Administration Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Funding Allotments and Operating Guidance for Unemployment Insurance (UI) Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) Grants CFDA Number 17.225 announces the availability of RESEA FY 2021 state allotments to conduct RESEA activities and grant award application requirements for grantees to receive Funding allocations. In addition, it provides general administrative policies and procedural guidance set forth by ETA and requirements outlined in the RESEA Statement of Work.

Department of Transportation

Department of Transportation- Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Admin Pipeline Safety One-Call Grant Fiscal Year 2021 CFDA Number 20.721Department of Transportation- DOT-Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration 2021 High Priority Program – Innovative Technology Deployment (HP-ITD) CFDA Number 20.237 are supported in alignment with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s strategic goals of; 1) SAFETY: Reduce transportation-related fatalities and serious injuries across the transportation system, 2) INFRASTRUCTURE: Invest in infrastructure to ensure safety, mobility and accessibility and to stimulate economic growth, productivity and competitiveness for American workers and businesses, 3) INNOVATION: Lead in the development and deployment of innovative practices and technologies that improve the safety and performance of the Nation’s transportation system, and 4) ACCOUNTABILITY: Serve the Nation with reduced regulatory burden and greater efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. This NOFO provides important information about the HP-ITD safety priorities, highlighting the critical information related to preparing and submitting an application.Federal grants are very competitive. To ensure your application is processed, please verify that your organization’s registration in the System for Award Management (SAM) is valid and current. Go to SAM: Systems for Award Management and follow the FAQs and User Guides to update and verify your SAM data. Current SAM registration is mandatory for most agencies, and grants will not be awarded to applicants without valid and current registration in SAM. Remember: Registration on SAM.gov is free of charge.

If you are applying for a federal grant and would like to request a letter of support, or have questions about the application process, please contact my state office at Hawaiioffice@hirono.senate.gov, and include this form and an abstract of your project. Letters of support are submitted directly to the granting agency from my office once the complete application has been submitted. Please do not hesitate to contact my staff if you have any questions before submitting your application.

I encourage you to pass along these resources to anyone you believe would benefit from this information. If you do submit a grant proposal, please stay in touch by contacting my state office.

Mahalo, Mazie K. Hirono
United States Senator

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