Bill Teter Needs Judges (located anywhere) for Spring Speech and Debate Tournaments

Email Bill Teter:

Aloha all,

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a safe and enjoyable holiday season. The Laboratory School is heading back into session this coming Tuesday (still 100% online), and the Speech Team is jumping back into competition almost immediately. 

The team finished in 2nd place in both trophy categories (Largest Number of Superior Ballots and Highest Percentage of Superior Ballots) in the Hawaiʻi Speech League December tournament. Fifty per cent of the team’s ballots were either first or second place. I’m hoping we will be able to sustain that momentum as we enter the spring States-Qualifying season.

Competing in online tournaments has proved to be a challenge and an adventure. So too with judging. I’m really grateful for all of you who were able to help the team by judging this past fall. Literally from coast to coast, as well as out here in the islands, you helped me meet our team’s quotas. I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

The spring tournament schedule has finally been released, so I’m sending out a call for help for the next few months. If you are able and willing to serve as a judge for one (or more?) of these tournaments, I’d really appreciate it.

TournamentDate(s)Registration DeadlineNo. of Judges
Speech & Debate Qualifier #1(formerly NIT)Fri. Jan. 15 &Sat. Jan. 16Fri. Jan. 85 speech, 1-2 debate
Speech Qualifier #2Sat. Feb. 6Wed. Jan. 276 speech
Stanford Univ. Invitational Speech & Debate TournamentSat. Feb 6 to Sun. Feb. 7Thu. Jan. 213-4 judges
Debate Qualifier #2(formerly Iolani Tournament)Fri. Feb. 12 & Sat. Feb. 13Wed. Feb. 31-2 debate
Speech Qualifier #3(District Tournament)Sat. Feb. 27Wed. Feb. 176 speech
Debate Qualifier #3(District Tournament)Sat. Mar. 13Wed. Mar. 31-2 debate
State Forensic ChampionshipsThu. Apr. 8 to
Sat. Apr. 10
No info yet; I estimate Sat. Mar. 20depends on number of students who qualify

A brief explanation for how online judging will work:

• All HSL tournaments this spring will be asynchronous for speech events; in other words, judges will watch and judge pre-recorded video performances. You’ll receive your assignments late Thursday night before the tournament. You must at least sign in, if not actually begin to judge, by mid-morning Friday. You’ll have until early afternoon Saturday to judge your assigned rounds and submit your ballots. (At the December tournament, I judged Round 3 Friday night and Round 1 the next morning.) I don’t yet know whether final rounds will be pre-scheduled or set for a specific time Saturday afternoon.

• HSL debate tournaments will be live online. Scheduling will be more like a regular tournament, and all judging will take place on the day of the competition.

• For the multiple-day HSL tournaments, you won’t need to be available both days.

• The Stanford Tournament will be conducted live online. Students from over 200 schools nationwide and internationally will be attending. I don’t have a schedule yet, but I can say that each day will be a long day – but what a show you’ll see! 

Whew! This is a long-winded letter. I’m sorry about that. But I wanted to be sure you understood the different logistics and scheduling presented by online tournaments. Those of you who helped out last fall, if you offer again for the spring, I’ll be mighty grateful. And if you didn’t see the message last fall or could not work a tournament into your schedule, you’re welcome to join us. I want to especially invite all you Speech Team alumni who live on the mainland. That is now no longer an obstacle to judging – here’s your big chance!

To all of you, please know that I hold you all in my memory, and always fondly. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, be safe and well. I hope to hear from you.


Bill Teter


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