Cut Energy Costs in Your Home

pitch of a house roof with the words saving energy in every room of the house

When you can, take advantage of the tradewinds or fans over air conditioning to cool down.
If AC is necessary, use the timer function so you’re not using it more than you need, especially overnight. Bonus points if you are using an ENERGY STAR® certified model!

Don’t leave your phone plugged in overnight. It only takes a few hours to charge.

Limit opening the fridge. Every time you open the fridge, it has to work harder to cool things back down.

Don’t set the refrigerator colder than necessary. Between 37-40°F is best for the fridge, and 0-5°F for the freezer.

Use this time to get creative with small appliances, like slow and pressure cookers, toaster ovens, or even the microwave. These use significantly less energy than a stove/oven, and often cook your meals a lot faster!

Don’t peek in the oven unless it’s necessary. Every time you peek, the temperature drops 25°F and the oven uses twice the energy to reheat.

Only run the dishwasher with full loads of dishes.

Unplug appliances that are not being used. Even when they’re off, they still drain energy if plugged in.

Use a lid when cooking food or boiling water.page1image4111512944

Shorten your showers to 5 minutes or less. Not only will you reduce your energy bill, you’ll save on your water bill too!

Use a high-efficiency shower head – it’s a good way to use less hot water without sacrificing on comfort. Look for the WaterSense® label when you shop!

Add aerators to your sink faucets.

Check your lighting – vanity mirrors and overhead lighting in the bathroom often get
overlooked as places to save money with LEDs.page1image4085697952

Set your computer for energy savings by checking your sleep and standby settings.

Minimize your gadgets and unplug everything you’re not using.

Open blinds and use natural light when possible.page1image4085987216

Enable energy-saving modes for your electronics such as your TV and your video game console. Use fans and open windows to create a cross- breeze. If you have to run AC, make sure your windows and doors are closed.

Use advanced power strips to shut off power to outlets when electronics aren’t in use.

Don’t use game consoles to stream your TV shows. They can use up to 15x more energy than digital media players such as Roku and Apple TV.

Switch to LED lights. They are 5x more efficient and last 25x longer than incandescent bulbs.page1image4085999264

If a second fridge or freezer is necessary, make sure it’s ENERGY STAR®.

Set your water heater to 120°F. Any hotter is a waste of energy.page1image4112138480

Wash full loads of clothes in cold water.

Hang dry your laundry. You can do this even in a small space with foldable racks!

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