Caroline Wong Kephart ʻ94 Mini-Bio

Went to Pacific University from 1994-98. Attended the University School of Law from 1999-2001. Currently an attorney working and living in Portland, Oregon. I’m married with two daughters. Most homesick items: family, ocean breezes & malasadas.

I work in criminal law — I’ve been a prosecutor for 19 years with prior experience at the DOJ and DOD, as well. I guess I got into this practice area because its pretty fascinating. Never a dull moment and all sorts of crazy stories no one believes! Assisting crime victims is also very rewarding. I don’t think I would be happy outside of public interest work. My focus recently has been on diversion from prison and other progressive prosecutorial programs, so I do less traditional prosecution work now.

It’s been a crazy year in Portland, as I’m sure you’ve heard. (09.20)

Carolin Wong Kephart

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