Message from Tuan La ‘01

Hi UH LAB Alumni!  Congrats to class of 2020! Just wanted to reach out and hopefully see if anyone wants to share networks and talk business opportunities. I’ve been working and living in Vietnam for over 5 years. I work as an inhouse lawyer and also in private equity. If anyone is interested in doing business with or in Vietnam, do let me know. For example, my friend’s company in VN is producing and shipping PPE products to USA and Hawaii. If anyone still needs to order large quantities, I can send you their pricing and product list, as well as their FDA certification certificates (all manufactured in VN).

And if any new grads want to just reach out to talk about working overseas, law school path, startups, or anything, feel free to message me anytime.

Mahalo, Tuan, for this kind offer. See the Class of 2001 page for Tuan’s contact info.

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