Let’s Write: Sunday 05.17.20

Aloha #WriterSunday to you, I hope all is well wherever you are in the world. Today’s #WritingPrompt is two prompts:


Use either or both to inspire a piece of writing that’s short, long, in between, and of any style, be it poetry or prose, a haiku, a sonnet, an anecdote, the first chapter of your novel, a journal entry, or any hybrid style you desire, and then please post that piece as a comment below. All of us would love to read it : )

Jr. Bows, it’s one of the things we all do best.

Let’s write : )

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  1. I wanted to be with my Dye family this July,
    Four siblings, their spices, our children, and grandchildren, nieces and nephews
    Twenty-eight members of this clan, descended from Robert and Esther Dye
    We’d found a place in Northport, Maine
    Right on the coast, near Penobscot Bay
    I wanted to sail on the Schooner Heron
    Exploring the bay on an environmental sail
    Having convinced the family they could indeed sail
    Though descended from a dad who could get sick
    on a rowboat in a calm lake.
    Roosevelt boy who took the Lurline to California, to Whittier College
    And was sick at sea the entire five days
    Wanted to stay in Cali one summer to write a musical with his buddy, Guy Frank
    So he wouldn’t have to go home on that damned boat.
    But today we zoomed from Honolulu to San Jose,
    Dallas to Pennsylvania to New Jersey to Boston
    Deciding we need to cancel our plans,
    Try to reschedule for a year or two from now
    You need to be careful, my daughters say
    How can you travel safely?
    We need a vaccine before we can gather
    28 folks in one big house
    You and Dad are in your 70s!
    I wanted to say,
    You NEED to recall Grandma Esther is still going strong at 97!

    Lee Dye Takagi, ’67

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