Let’s Write: Saturday 04.18.20

Aloha #WriterSaturday. I hope you are well and safe wherever you may be. Today’s #WritingPrompt is


Use it to inspire a piece of writing, and then post that piece as a comment below. We’ve got plenty of time to do so, and we would love to read it : )

I say, No school’s students can write like UHS/ULS students. Use any April prompts in April, May prompts in May, and so on.

Write and post every day if you like. Hey, it’s a Junior Bow tradition.

Everybody stay healthy, and what about it?

Let’s write something.


  1. Jobs
    I’ve had them! For pay and no pay; voluntary and perhaps not-so voluntarily. Mowed lawns in Honolulu and cut weeds with a scythe in 90 degree New Orleans humidity; climbed to the top of an aircraft carrier’s radio tower to maintain its antenna and worked on a submarine’s radar, both while at sea.
    Operated a teletype and drove a forklift for an airline; worked as an administrative assistant for another airline. As an actor played the lead in the high school play in 1958 and an Asian man in a Little Theatre of Norfolk (VA) production of M*A*S*H. Was a murder suspect in an episode of Wicked Attraction and a patient in a hospital commercial.
    In my life, I’ve held many jobs and enjoyed them all – most of the time: truck driver; wedding videographer; usher; editor; instructor; electronics technician and roustabout – and more. But the job which gave the greatest satisfaction? Helping build the Apollo-Saturn V rockets that put men on the moon. That was a Job!

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