Jim Harstad’s Memoir

Legendary Jr. Bow English teacher, Jim Harstad, has been writing his memoir, one chapter a month, for 23 months, and then posting it on the Bamboo Ridge Press site.

For those of you who don’t know, the old BRP site will be closing down, a new one coming up in the indefinite future. There is a monthly writing contest on the BRP site on the Bamboo Shoots page. That contest will be moving, for the time being, to the BRP Facebook page beginning day after tomorrow, April 1st.

Jim Harstad, long-time contest entrant — and Bamboo Ridge Press supporter from the beginning back in 1978 — in addition to entering the contest almost every month since its inception in 2010, has been, as mentioned, posting his memoir in monthly installments on that contest site.

I should mention that in addition to monthly contest entries, this page is also open for any postings of any writing, like Jim’s, just as the Bamboo Shoots page was always there for.
In honor of Jim’s long history with BRP, and wanting to honor his request, I have posted a hot-off-the-press latest chapter of his memoir on the new contest page:


Stay tuned, you will be able to read a new installment of Jim’s memoir each month on that page.

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