Mr. James Ray Smith

Happy Birthday to Mr. James Ray Smith. Mr. Smith was my fifth-grade teacher at University Elementary School (University High / Lab School). I think if you survey all the University High grads who had him as a teacher, you’ll find he was loved by many.

Mr. Smith would have been 90 years old today. I remember on St. Patrick’s Day one year, when I was an undergrad across the street at UH, I was walking to campus on Metcalf Street. Mr. Smith came out of the College of Education building, and I called out, “Happy Birthday, Mr. Smith.” Surprised, of course, he kind of stared at me, you know, not recognizing me, so I identified myself. I told him that his birthday was always easy to remember because it was on St. Patrick’s Day.

Mr. Smith was one of those very special teachers, the kind of person who definitely should be teaching : )

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