Added to the Jr. Bow ‘Ohana page 08.02.19

Okay Junior Bow ‘Ohana, I’ve finally added all the names of folks who signed up for the new alumni home page at the annual alumni dinner three weeks ago. I have tried to be super careful in copying the names over, so I hope I’ve not left anyone out. If I have, my apologies. I was more than 20 years younger when I assembled the original alumni home page, so, no joke, I’ve lost a step or two : )

Daniel Ching ’67
Michael Hu ’67
Eric Kusunoki ’67
Dikka Rian ’69
Alex Seita ’69
Ken Takayama ’69
Alan Sasai ’70
David Forman ’84
Katherine Medeiros ’86
Erica Crosby ’87
Ryan Tong ’90
Alyssa Kapaona ’02
Jessica Bryant ’05

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