Betty Jane Lau ʻ72

Fiber artist Betty Jane Lau ʻ72 is looking for Ethnic fabrics to use in her work. These would be any fabrics that speak of culture: Hawaiian, Chinese, Indonesian, African, whatever you may have and be willing to part with. She also likes to use fabric that speaks of time periods, particularly midcentury modern, or those that reflect a type, like gingham. It’s too hard to decide : )

“It looks like I might be interested in ALL fabric.” : )

Maybe if you could send her a snapshot and approximate yardage, she can figure out whether she’ll be able to pay the postage to Chicago. Alternatively, maybe you’d be able to drop off your fabrics at her brother’s house here in Honolulu so Betty can pick them up once a vaccine opens up travel again.

If you have some fabric you might be able to give her: Please email Betty

View some of Betty’s work here:

Read about her latest show called “Home:A Virtual Exhibition”:

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