Let’s Write: Sunday 05.03.20

Aloha #WriterSunday, I hope all is well. Today’s #WritingPrompt is


Use it to inspire a piece of writing, short, long, in between, any kine style, and then post that piece as a comment below. We would all love to read what you write : )

I believe UHS/ULS students are great writers. Use any May prompts in May, June prompts in June, and so on.

Write and post as a comment every day if you like. After all writing every day is a Junior Bow tradition.

Everybody stay healthy, and

Let’s write.


  1. Music
    Music is more than “the food of love”
    Wedded to poetry, music is a powerful voice that stirs the senses
    I am very grateful and fortunate to have received the teaching gifts of Dorothy Kahananui, who taught us about the beauty of melody and the meaning of lyrics and the importance of music’s motivation to learn more about one’s own culture.
    I gotta have music, whether it be Andy Iona’s saxes or Benny Goodman’s clarinet, Hapa’s emotion-stirring sound or Winterhalter’s strings. Island, jazz, easy listening, rock, classical, country, opera – there’s good music in all of those genres.
    Music, music, music – play on.

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